Special English Lessons 2019 A Semester

17 October 2019 - 15 January 2020

※ Final Presentation Night (有志による成果発表会):
16 January 2020 (Thursday), 18:45-20:45 @ Engineering Bldg. No.1, Lecture Room 15(工学部1号館15号講義室)

Introduction of the SEL Teacher's Assistants

To run the Special English Lessons smoothly every day, we rely on the help of our Teacher's Assistants. They prepare the classrooms (bringing markers, CD-players, etc.), clean them up again afterwards, and help the teacher during the class if needed. Above all, they observe the classes and take notes for us to know what is going on and so we can fine-tune the SEL program with the language schools and teachers. This semester, we hired following students:

MondayKenzo Yamamoto "ケンゾウ"
Precision Engineering (精密工学) (M1)
TuesdayJunxi Liu "ジュンシイ"
Materials Engineering (マテリアル工学) (D1)
WednesdayAlireza Tavana"アリ"
Civil Engineering (社会基盤学) (M1)
ThursdayInnocentio Aloysius Loe "イノ"
Precision Engineering (精密工学) (M1)
FridayGunjan Joshi "グンジャン"
Electrical Engineering and Information Science (電気系工学) (M1)

A list of UTokyo students who previously worked as TA for the Special English Lessons can be found here.

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東京大学工学系研究科 国際工学教育推進機構 国際化教育センター

事務室(Office) 本郷キャンパス 工学部8号館324号室(連絡通路2F)(Rm. 324, Eng. Bldg. No.8, Hongo campus)
ofni  [at] les-umoc.t

ACCESS: From the main entrance of Engineering Building 8, take the stairs to the 2nd floor. Turn right into the main corridor, and right again into another corridor. Near the end, take the stairs on your right, and at the top enter the door on the left (room 324). You can find the map here (PDF)