2019 A Semester TA Wanted
2019年09月20日 13:10

We are looking for fluent English speakers to help us with the organization of Special English Lessons (SEL).

【Job Description】
- 3 hours in the evening, once a week (working day can be negotiated).
- Serve as liaison between professional English instructors and the SEL program supervisors.
- Set up the lessons and close the rooms.
- Observe classes and report to the supervisors.

【Main Requirements】
- Speak English fluently
- Currently enrolled in a degree program of The School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo

If you are interested, please contact us. We will ask you to send us your curriculum vitae and make an appointment for a short interview.

Contact SEL office
Eng. Bldg. 8, Room 324 (Accessible only via 2nd floor)
Email: info@sel-ut.com

About SEL:
The "Special English Lessons (SEL)" is a program that offers English classes for UTokyo students and staff who are aiming to improve their conversation skills and prepare to take a TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)(R). SEL is sponsored and supervised by the Center for Global Education, School of Engineering, and we work with private English schools to offer English courses that are reasonably priced and that take place in the evening when not many students are taking university classes.

In conversation courses, students engage in presentation and free conversation with native instructors to develop English skills required for participating in international conferences and studying abroad. In TOEFL(R) courses, students not only learn the techniques for taking a TOEFL(R) test but also develop English skills that are crucial for academic success overseas.

From the start, SEL students have been eager to learn, and the attendance rate has been around 80%. In addition, around 80% of the participants answered that they would recommend SEL to their friends. Over the years, SEL has proven to be an effective program that helps students master English and open the door to the international community.

*Private English schools that we are currently working with: Berlitz Japan, Nichibei Kaiwa Gakuin, Athénée Français, Berkeley House, Agos Japan, and TOFL Seminar


2005: The "Special English Lesson (SEL)" started (targeting at 3rd and 4th-year undergraduate students in engineering)

2010: All UTokyo students started to enroll in the SEL

2010: UTokyo staff courses started (as part of "support for staff self-development")